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Supplier data

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Groupe Engie - Siège social

Address: Tour T1 – 1 place Samuel de Champlain, Faubourg de l’Arche, Paris 92930, Paris (France) - Paris (FRANCE)
Telephones: 33 1...
This supplier participates in the works as: Developer / Contractor or Main Constructor / Engineering / Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems / Electricity systems / Management / Energy and solar technology
This supplier participates in works of: Parking / Canals, Hydraulic Works & networks / Sewage Plants / Pipelines and mains: gas, oil, cable, electric / Shopping Center / Cultural Center / Education Centers / Office buildings, laboratories and other work centers / Residential Building / Transport Station and Terminal / Hospitality Industry and Collective Accommodation / Sport facilities / Health facilities / Urban intervention and renewal works / Industrial Warehouses, Workshops and Stores / Railway Constructions / Industrial works and facilities / Tunnels, drilling and underground works / Bridges, Viaducts and Walkaways / Environmental Sanitation and Interventions, Waste Management / Fairgrounds, Exhibition and Conference centres / Wind parks / Care Centres and Geriatric Hospitals / Installation of power generation or transmission / Renovations, upgrades, installations and maintenance / Leisure and community centres / Development of large area / Ships and other floating structures / ICT and R&D Equipments, Infrastructure and Services / Solar or photovoltaic plant